Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally more pictures

 Stretchin out on the patio

 On the move (it was pretty much only backwards at this time, now she's a-movin and a-shakin!)

 weighing in at 23lbs, 4 oz at her 9 month visit 
(sorry its taken me so long to update this)

 A visit from my Nany, Great G'pa Len and big cousin Hunter.  We were having a stare-down contest here and of course I won.
 I love swimming with Nany!
 She even bought me this neat contraption to help me master my floating skills
 Sweet victory!  I got mom's sunglasses finally!  
 Great Gpa Len and Hunter got me this cool Princess ATV!  I'm a huge dare-devil and keep mom on her toes.

 It's been so hot so mom and dad upgraded my pool so she can swim with me!

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