Tuesday, March 27, 2012

more March 2012, almost 6 months old!

 Check out the chub on the lady!  Love the thigh rolls!  We had a stint of nice weather so Lucy stripped down on the patio for some fun.  

 Hangin with dad on the patio.  I had a lot to say

 Seriously, it's hard to look any cuter!
 Starting solids, loved banana so much she grabbed the spoon!
 Lookin classy in her shades.
 Sunset over the lake, view from our patio.  Pretty sweet.

LUCY March... almost 6 months old!

 Sitting by herself in our sun room, loving it!
 Still in her jammies, ready to start her day!  Lucy is a morning girl like her mom (definitely not her dad's thing)

 We couldn't resist posing with the bunny ears at Target!  I LOVE this pic!
 Auntie and cousin Makayla drove over for the day just to hang with me.  Lucy is enamored of her big cousin
 Quality time with cousin Makayla
 Bath time!!! (= eating wash cloth time)

 Lucy, contemplating the art of time travel.  It's going to be her PhD thesis
 My girls smile can melt anyone's heart
Love love love the face chub!  

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 months old!

 My little cupcake is starting to resemble one!
 So dexterous these days!
 Sweet potato puree!  home made even, thanks to Nanny Cindy and papa Mike for the baby bullet!!
 Lucy loved it so much she even opened her mouth wide for it!
 love my girls smile

roundin them up at daycare!

Squeaking is my latest thing!

Feb 2012

 sittin in my bumbo chair, like a big girl
 my sweet lil Valentine, thanks for the outfit Nanny Cindy
 Weighing in at 16 lbs,  14 oz at my 4 month visit (4 months and 2 weeks that is)
 Don't I look good in my L shirt auntie Caroline made me!

 Dont even think about commenting on my man-hands.  it's the camera angle !
 Love my bath time!
 Auntie Carrie hanging out with me!  We alays have a good time.

 Getting the hang of this rice cereal stuff