Friday, August 31, 2012

Vacation at Nany and Papa's house in ND!

 the gorgeous view we get to stare at every day.  just look how glassy the water on the bay is!
 A few family photos courtesy of Papa Mike

 Don't be fooled, this was the one and only second she was happy in a life jacket, but safety first!
 Happy as a clam in the sand
 Hmmm, this looks tasty!  Now if I can just grab a bite when mom isn't lookin.
 Lucy is a river girl. She loved the water and didn't even care it was cold

 Hurry up dad, lets move!
 Dad and I just love to be on the river!
 Captain Lucy at the wheel!  Everyone watch out!
 Darn it Nany, I don't wanna wear this hat.

 Me and Nany, playing in the sand
It's hard to keep up with Lucy on the move
 Just like Christmas morning with all the toys Nany had to play with!
 Uncle Daren had her in hog-heaven with the sand toys.  
To be honest, she doesn't even need the toys, just let her at the sand!

 Don't look at my hair.  mom put a ton of sun block in it
 Sand is yummy!!!!
This was an on-going problem.  She really loves to eat sand.  Really anything contraband
Second half of above problem: washing the sand out...over and over again.

Monday, August 20, 2012

August 2012. 10 months old!

 Papa and I were having a serious conversation.
 Then I gave him my two-cents, from the top of my lungs!
 My girl is the most beautiful, fabulous thing ever!
 Dr LaBere, Lucy LaBere that is.  
A cough you say, hmmm, lemmie listen
 Me and mom hangin on the patio, enjoying our summer
 Inpromptu turtle ride at Menards.  She LOVED it.
 Sure I'll share my toys with you
 Lucy's got a lot to say these days... babbles all day long, its fabulous.  
And finally saying mama!
 Peek-a-boo at bath time is always a fun game.
 Captain Lucy's first boat ride!  The neighbors offered to take us for a spin and we couldn't resist!
 Lucy is less interested in crawling when she can grab a few fingers and WALK!  
she is fast too
 My first carousel ride.  Loved every minute of it.
Scootin around!
Wearing my Grenada t-shirt in honor of Kirian James, Grenada's first medal and a GOLD!
I just love her "i'm up to somethin" look, just like her dad

Finally more pictures

 Stretchin out on the patio

 On the move (it was pretty much only backwards at this time, now she's a-movin and a-shakin!)

 weighing in at 23lbs, 4 oz at her 9 month visit 
(sorry its taken me so long to update this)

 A visit from my Nany, Great G'pa Len and big cousin Hunter.  We were having a stare-down contest here and of course I won.
 I love swimming with Nany!
 She even bought me this neat contraption to help me master my floating skills
 Sweet victory!  I got mom's sunglasses finally!  
 Great Gpa Len and Hunter got me this cool Princess ATV!  I'm a huge dare-devil and keep mom on her toes.

 It's been so hot so mom and dad upgraded my pool so she can swim with me!