Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 2012

 mom and I, talking things over in the kitchen

 Relaxing on mom, I've got her wrapped around my finger
 watching football playoffs with dad.  I know, we couldn't believe that the 49ers beat the Saints... but we were very happy about it.
 Seriously... could I get any cuter!!!
 I love Violet!  Thanks again to uncle Daren and auntie Carly for her.  Se keeps me entertained for minutes (and that's something!)
 Dr Lucy, ready for surgery
Dr. Lucy's philosophy:  tourniquet and forget it!

 Me and Pierre the pig.  Thanks Opa Breit and Charlene for him, mom makes him say some funny stuff that makes me giggle!
Lucy's got a lot to say these days.  It's pretty funny.  Her latest thing is "arrrrggghhh", like a pirate.  She hasn't found her sea legs just yet.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

XMAS in North Dakota!

 This is my great grandma, I call her "GG".  Don't we look good together!
 Lucy with her GG and Gumps.  This is the first time they met, FINALLY!

 Me and my great grandpa, "Gumps".  I love him so!

 I think I'm trying to lick GG's arm about now
 4 generations of LaBere's all together finally!
 4 generations of Nanny Cindy's side of the family, here with great grandpa Len
 Me and great grandpa Len.  I was the best present of the day!
 Papa MIke and me, passed out in the recliner
 One of my most favorite places to be, in Nanny Cindy's arms
 Nanny and I have so much fun together
 see, just look at our faces!
 Do you believe it, they dressed me up and put me in the little sleigh.  But don't I look comfy!  I dont really mind, after all, I am the star of the show!

 Sleepin on dad, comfy as can be

Cousin Rikka and me, hanging out at Christmas

Dec 2011 pre xmas

 Lucy loves her shark t shirt
 Nothin like Lucy's smile.  Melts my heart every time.
 Thanks to cousin Anna and Ben for my snowman outfit.

 Passed out on mom.  Love those cheeks.

 It's just the dots on my shirt that makes my belly look big,  not the gallons of milk I drink all day long, I swear.

 even her asleep smiles are priceless!