Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Nany and I, swimming in the lake.  Don't we look goooood together!

 I love swimming
 What??? This is MY pool?  I can do this every day???
 My girl loves to be naked

June 2012

 Oh uncle Elliott, I have to ponder that for a minute...hmmm
 No, frankly I do not believe you
 Me and mom, goofing off on the patio

 My first taste of sweetness... coconut gelato... I couldn't get enough of it!  Mom kept trying to take my cup away
 I still love my green beans
 dad and I , chatting it up on the couch
 yep, got him wrapped around my little fingers pretty tight.  Oh life is goooooood
 This is how Lucy looks into her cookie jar.  So hilarious.  She sits there for a while looking in

Eskimo kisses with Nany

Saturday, June 23, 2012

 Me and my dad, just hanging out on the porch
 We have a good time together, and I LOVE eating ice cubies


 Practicing her breast stroke (it needs some work)
 filing those razor-sharp teeth
 When are you coming in the pool Nany?
 Of course there's room!

 the family pic right before mom's graduation (from residency) banquet

Me and dad, swimmin in the lake!


 Lucy's falsetto can deafen anyone
 Just readin a book in my new big-girl chair from Nany and Papa
 It's hilarious how I have these people wrapped around my finger.

 Such a happy girl
 Ol blue eyes, or mini blue eyes that is.  This is mommy most fav pic
 Yes, I can clap my hands now and stop looking at my thighs already
 clap clap clap clap
 Again, stop staing at my "healthy" thighs
 Lucy loves her blocks, just don't make a tower out of them, freaks her out for some reason
 Don't you dare build a tower outta my blocks...

 Don't be fooled by the size of her two little teeth, those things are sharp!
 Me, bite??? nooooo, I'm an angel
I've got a lot to say about everything these days

Friday, June 8, 2012

Uncle Kyle's visit and more SWIMMING!

 More fun in my pool

Starting to look more like a toddler than a baby.
 Lucy was very excited to meet her uncle Kyle.  Now if we could just get him to move to Minnesota!
 Kyle had no idea Lucy prefers to use mouth-braille to tell the time.  
 At the lake... about to eat sand
 Shoveling the sand in, kinda of mad mom was holder her hands down.  Lucy does not taste, she shovels it in.  
 Swimming in the lake with dad
 And yes, Lucy likes to eat the mud at the bottom of the lake too.  She kept mom and dad on their toes
 Our happy little muffin
 even though this pic isn't in focus, I just adore that smile!
 Gettin some vitamin D
 Nudie-tootie!  she LOVES to be naked (that was the third blanket we went through, and that was even AFTER she had peed in her diaper)
 loving the belly over-hang, or pannus
 What??? We are having MILK for dinner??? YEAH!
You guys are crazy if you think I'm gonna let you put my clothes back on.