Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moms favorite pic!

Practicing my balance, ready for the big waves!

Puerto part 2

 Ahhh, finally gettin our gills wet with salt water

 My girl loves the beach

 Dad, you know I can't make a sand castle out of wet sand. It's physics!
 Just look at this smile.  Hog heaven
 Soakin up some sun with dad
 Fun with Nany and Papa
 Mom, I dont' even have my shirt on...
 Group photo with aunties Carrie and Carly, Uncles D and J.

 nany and papa are always a good time
I love my Nany

 Family pic in paradise

 Dad and Luche, checkin the surf

 Hmmm, what is this fascinating object on the beach...
Oh uncle J, you're so silly

Puerto Rico! part 1

 Lucy LOVED finally enjoying some outdoor fun (since home is currently a frozen tundra)
 Family fun at the beach.  Lucy was such a good girl, kept her hat and shades on pretty much the whole time
 Lucy and auntie "cookie"
 Downtown Old San Juan
 Mom, this stuff has a fascinating texture
 Mom and Lucy checkin out the surf from our back door
This place is amazing!!! And why have I not been here before mom?

 Lucy couldn't wait to stick her "dawgs" in the salt water

Jan 2013

 Nothin like Binkie and your thumb
 One of my fav Lucy and dad pics
 Oh mom, your sooo funny!
 Nany and papa gave us these sweet matching aprons!  We are cooking masters now, and we look GOOOOOD!

Hmmm, this needs a little more Grenadian nutmeg