Friday, December 28, 2012

Luche-lita in action


 All ready to cook with Nany, check out my sweet apron.
 What Nany??? The cookies are all gone?
 Dad and I, just hanging out
 I just love to attack Nany, it's so much fun!
 Look, she can barely defend herself...
Hahaha sweet victory!
 X-mas eve with mom, we both have had one too many cookies about now
 Our little reindeer
Pencil-eating elf.  Just wait for the matches video.

November 2012

 It's always been mom's dream to have matching Adidas track suits... until I can protest I imagine this is a yearly thing.  But don't we look good!  Ha!
 So THIS is the infamous Breit fang!  Now I see....
 Hangin with Opa...good times
 I've got him right where I want him
 Loving it and lookin good

 Against mom's will I put on this Vikings jersey just for dad (NEVER AGAIN, GO PACK GO!)

Finally more pics

 Love this one of my little elf.  This is an old pic now, but a goodie
Mom's watch is a great chew-toy