Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lucy's 1st B-Day!!!

 Lucy's month-by-month picture wall
 Lucy n mom, ready for the big party
 Lucy tellin Papa to adjust the aperture 
(1 yr old, all the sudden she's an expert on everything)
 Sisters!  I just love when the Moss crew can come hang out.
 Nany Cindy is a cake EXPERT!  I mean, just look at this fish...amazing!
 party fun
 Lucy gettin into her gifts early

 Makayla showing Lucy where the cool toys are.  She is so good with Lucy
 Auntie Carrie listening intently on what Camryn has to say.
 Lucy's gift from Nany and Papa is a HUGE hit with everyone.
 Cami helping Q down the slide

 Auntie Carrie helping the b-day girl down the slide
 Lucy wasn't sure what to make of her cake at first

They said this was a cake but there are eyes on it, staring at me.  
This is uncomfortable
 Finally digging in!  
 Why is everyone just standing around, staring at me???
 It's MY birthday?  Ohhhhh
 Well let's party then!  

 Auntie adjusted this contraption so I could finally get some milk...
this isnt my bottle
 ahhhhhhhhhhh milk
 Can we do this every day?

 My BFF's, the Maslowski twins, Bela and Kaya

 So this is how auntie stays so lean, the double-kid squat!  
It's so much harder than it looks

 Lucy saw the twins had cheerios and moved in on them.
My girl knows how to get food