Friday, May 18, 2012

Lucy's first pool!

 Her breast stroke still needs some work (but you should see her butterfly!)
 taking it all in 
 Lucy, abou to do a triple Lindy into her pool.  She's calculating her form, about to dive.
 isn't the size of this pool hilarious.
 no, Lucy does not have elephantiasis of her lower legs, she's just "healthy"
 happy water girl  
Lucy's got gills like her mom 
 diaper free!  
Lucy's wondering why we haven't let her swim until now
 SWIM SUIT!!!  This means we're going SWIMMING!
 Just the girls, stickin their dawgs in the lake
 My girl's smile can melt anyone's heart
(maybe horizontal stripes on the thighs are a bad idea)
 She loves her pool so much she doesn't care if there is water in it or not
 my first swing...
(please do not pay attention to the fact it is over asphalt, we don't have a tree that can accommodate)
practicing with my sippy cup.  No, I haven't quite figured out how to get the water out but I can grab both handles!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun with my cousins in Wisconsin

 Lucy adores  eating ice cubes from her mesh feeder
 Finally a pic where Lucy looks like her mom
 Bet you never thought an ice cube could make a girl so happy
 passed out in the stroller
 Wisconsin was a trip with many "firsts":  first time in a swing, first time to Wisco, first bath with cousins, first time playing the piano...
 Auntie and Cam. Check out the guns on auntie!
 Mad-dog and auntie H, having a blast
 First bath with cousins!  Lucy loved all the splashing
Cousin Makayla pushing Lucy in the swing.  She LOVED it
My Pianist

Mom taught Lucy how to give a hearty laugh (Lucy added the fake cough)