Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lucy videos: the pine cone and dusting

Lucy and the pine cone
Dusting, with shoes

April fun

 Bath time!  
 Easter brunch with Nany and Papa.  Lucy was such a good girl the whole time, even when she broke the salt shaker.

 Don't worry, Lucy put the steak knife in her pocket for this photo so mom and dad wouldn't look like bad parents
 Cool girl, gotta wear her shades!
 PEEP! Yummy!
 What?  Now that's just rediculous...
 Lucy loves being outside now that she can.  And how better to explore your enviornment than to eat everything!  Sticks and rocks included
 Who needs a wheel barrow to haul around your sticks when you have a shopping cart!
 Hmmm, this looks interesting...
 I wonder how it tastes...
Chalk artwork on the stoop with dad

FEB/March 2013

Lucy loves Jim, the garden gnome, except he lives in our house, not the garden.
Just making sure Pooh is hydrated...
 Lucy loves SNOW! Actually just loves being outside when it isn't below freezing.  Finally

 Coloring with dad
 Want some snow? It's yummy!  And it's not even the yellow stuff
 Ready for St Patty's day
 We aren;t quite ready to paint yet, she just wants to eat it and hence turns into the Joker
Gotta brush these pearly whites!