Monday, February 13, 2012

First taste of real food!

 Mashed avocado mixed with breast milk... really mom.  Where's the chocolate?
 I can't believe they're feeding me this.
 maybe if I  swallow it real fast they'll make it go away
 hanging out in the sun room, in a big girl seat, by myself

 see, told you... spittin image of my daddy
 Lucy's now part of the Grenadian family.  After all, she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Grenada bringing mom n dad together
 I know, pretty impressive neck muscles

Lucy Feb 2012

 Barely 4 months old and my girls got skills!
 If you put anything near Lucy's mouth, she'll get it and it'll be covered in slobber in 2.4 seconds
 Daddy's girl
 This is one of my fav pics

 Just chillin in her bumbo seat
 Isn't she the spitting image of her daddy!  But in cute girl form
 Her laugh is the best thing ever!  Besides the smile, of course
 Lucy prays often, loves her hands together...
 What??? You mean it isn't always gonna be this cold in Minnesota????
 Lucy likes to prove people wrong, you can in fact get two fists in one mouth simultaneously

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jan 2012

 Lucy in her La-bear suit

 love it when my girl smiles... melts my heart

 I love it how her tongue sticks out when she laughs
 Lucy- alligator wrangler
 All cleaned up after a bath

 her laugh is so darn cute!  Love that double chin

 Cracking up at one of dad's jokes.  It must've been a really good one.

 She found her thumb!  
 Uncle Daren stopped by to say hi

 Lucy LOVES her bath time!  She's got gills like her mom.

Lorene. Tricie and Billy visit MN!

 Auntie Tricie finally came to visit me!
 I was trying to impress her by showing her how well I hold my head up.  (you should see me now!)
 Auntie Lorene and me, just chillin
 we had a good time, just tellin stories
 The fish Tricie caught ice fishing!  Sorry Billy, no fish for you
 The ladies, BFFs now and forever.