Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Photos!

 Photo shoot with Gpa and Gma LaBere.  
(Nanny Cindy got Lucy to give her best smiles) 
Dang we look good.  
(so much better than the old Breit family photos where we're all staring into the sun and squinting!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lucy in nature (finally Minnesota, geeze)

 What's this?  What's this????
 GRASS!!! I love it, I even try to eat it!
Hmmm, needs more salt...
 The texture of this stuff is remarkable!  
Gettin my dogs wet in the lake!  Lucy couldn't get enough!  She wanted to jump in.  (don't you love her shades!)
 Flower child 
(dad insists on reminding us it's a weed)
What a day!  So much fun outside.  Not sure why they haven't been showing me this stuff all along!

Happy baby

 We can finally hang out outside in Minnesota!!! This is awesome!

 Yeah, I'm just sitting up all by myself!  Isn't it fabulous!
 Oh dad, you are sooooo funny!
 Check out the cheeks on this girl.
So full of personality

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lucy Alice, the sweetest girl around...

 Just sittin up, by myself, thanks
(isn't she sooo adorable!)
 I mean seriously, could she get any cuter!  This is her no-gums smile, so serious
 My and Nanny, just hanging out, having fun
 Baking with mom!  We made dad and Papa Mike a birthday cake.  Lucy LOVES to bake and always insists on wearing her Grenada apron
 Rolling over, again.  I'm pretty good at it these days
Weighing in at 18lbs, 16oz at her 6 month visit.  Thats my girl!

Apple sauce...not my fav.

Eating oatmeal, mom and my favourite!  (yes, we insist on using the english spelling)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 2012, 6 months old!

 Playing patty-cake with Nanny
Ok, I'll stop to pose for the camera for a sec
 What?  Me? I didn't do it, I promise!

 Yes, that is a squirrel on my butt
 Sitting up like a big girl
 Sometimes you gotta wear a cap in doors

My girl is full of expressions these days