Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 2012

 mom and I, talking things over in the kitchen

 Relaxing on mom, I've got her wrapped around my finger
 watching football playoffs with dad.  I know, we couldn't believe that the 49ers beat the Saints... but we were very happy about it.
 Seriously... could I get any cuter!!!
 I love Violet!  Thanks again to uncle Daren and auntie Carly for her.  Se keeps me entertained for minutes (and that's something!)
 Dr Lucy, ready for surgery
Dr. Lucy's philosophy:  tourniquet and forget it!

 Me and Pierre the pig.  Thanks Opa Breit and Charlene for him, mom makes him say some funny stuff that makes me giggle!
Lucy's got a lot to say these days.  It's pretty funny.  Her latest thing is "arrrrggghhh", like a pirate.  She hasn't found her sea legs just yet.

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