Saturday, June 23, 2012


 Lucy's falsetto can deafen anyone
 Just readin a book in my new big-girl chair from Nany and Papa
 It's hilarious how I have these people wrapped around my finger.

 Such a happy girl
 Ol blue eyes, or mini blue eyes that is.  This is mommy most fav pic
 Yes, I can clap my hands now and stop looking at my thighs already
 clap clap clap clap
 Again, stop staing at my "healthy" thighs
 Lucy loves her blocks, just don't make a tower out of them, freaks her out for some reason
 Don't you dare build a tower outta my blocks...

 Don't be fooled by the size of her two little teeth, those things are sharp!
 Me, bite??? nooooo, I'm an angel
I've got a lot to say about everything these days

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