Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 mom and me, waiting for family to arrive
 I barely fit into my first Thanksgiving shirt.  You'd think I already had turkey!
 Uncle Daren and me, just hangin out.
 Uncle Josiah and me, working on my flexibility.
 Moms fav pic. So adorable I can barely take it.
 Dad bought me my first Christmas ornament.  A little peanut with a little face painted on it.  (We call her 'peanut', mom just about melted!)
 Uncle J and auntie Carrie, acting like I was their kid.  (I definitely could pass as theirs!)
 Posing with G'ma and G'pa LaBere.
 Again Lucy refuses to look at anything when her skylights are "on".
 G'pa and me, rockin
 Uncle Daren and auntie Carly.  Doesn't Daren look like a natural!
A little preview of our first Christmas card.  We had fun at the photo shoot (thanks G'pa Mike and all the LaBeres!)

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